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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  June 25, 2017 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, flight to nowhere. passengers end up back at philadelphia internationalarve an overseas flight had to suddenly turn around. >> power blows through new jersey. two tornadoes hit parts of monmouth county this weekend. we'll show you the damage. >> forced out of the water. yesterday's storms are gone, but the rain flow in scule kuehl river is too dangerous to host a popular weekend triathlon, but the athletes are adjusting. a live report is straight ahead. >> good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. 9:00 on this sunday. let's start with the weather we're going to wrap up on a pretty pleasant note.
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krystal klei has those details for us. >> this is looking like a nice forecast for us. you can see now on our radar and satellite view, really just scattered clouds. no rain for us across the entire area. a very different picture than yesterday. yesterday, we had that line of powerful storms roll through our area that left damage through parts of new jersey and delaware and two tornadoes were confirmed. you can see the deep red return on radar from the moment it happened at 7:21 over a home depot parking lot area near route 9. this was considered an ef-0 tornado, which is the lowest level of tornado but still causes damage regardless. a second tornado also near howell township, very close by, also an ef-0 tornado. this one causing damage near oak glen park. both were fairly short lived but they left results. now, much better conditions. already warming up as well. sufficient in philadelphia and 77 in wilmington.
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72 in allentown, and already near 80 in atlantic city. at the marina, done to 73 degrees. coming up, going to talk more about the temperatures as they continue to climb this afternoon and when we have the next chance of rain returning to the forecast. >> we'll see you shortly. >> take a look at the force from yesterday's force. powerful winds blew open the dooroffs this home depot in monmouth county. pounding rain, the dark clouds, they certainly unsettled people inside the store here. this is in howell township. one of the customers describes the scene. >> you can see the heavy rain coming down on the roof. contractors and i were all looking at each other, going this isn't normal. we started coming out toward the main entrance and it was black outside. >> the national weather service has confirmed two tornadoes touched down yesterday in howell township. the skies are clear right now, but yesterday's rain left the schuylkill river swollen, let's say, with high, fast moving
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waters sore organizers of the triathlon decided to cut out that portion. pamela osborne is live along mlk drive to fill us in. >> the was a little disappointment because of the modification in the race, but all of the triathletes say they're still happy and eager to compete. >> take your marks. >> a lot of excitement still, even though the swim is not taking place today. >> the escape triathlon stepped off just after 6:30 this morning with the men's pro. the change in format tew to yesterday's heavy rain, keeping athletes like christina on her toes. >> found out at 3:00 a.m. i was hoping i didn't have to swim in the schuylkill after a rain like that. >> there was a 2-mile run followed by a 40k bike ride and then another 4-mile run. >> just like any other race. >> kind of. the most exciting part for
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organizers is having participants like olympians competing. he was looking forward to the swim but ready to get rolling anyway. >> kind of like flipping a different switch in your mind and saying this is how the race is. >> there's money up for grabs too. the first female and male athlete to complete the escape will take home a $10,000 prize each. >> to bring $20,000 back to the philadelphia area in the sport of triathlon is big for us, to be candid. to have olympians here the first year is huge for us, the city, and the spectators coming out today. >> and as we come back out here live, you can see some of the athletes making their way back. i have the winners, alicia k. had the fastest time for women. jason west takes home the purse for men with 1:29:09. he beat out the olympian canute by 20 seconds. he's actually from pennsylvania.
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we're going to talk to him now. look out for our interview with him at 9:30. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne. >> see you then. thanks. remember to keep the nbc 10 app handy all summer long for any severe weather threats you may be competing in a triathlon later this summer. maybe you're just taking a stroll outside or a run later on. we'll send you an alert 30 minutes before a storm reaches your location. >> new this morning in chester county, the search is on for the cause of a deadly house fear. this video just came in to our news room. this is from the scene along bucker road. flames were reported here just before 6:00 this morning. crews rescued one person from a fire, but another person died inside the house. no word on what may have caused it. >> also new this morning, a flight from philadelphia to germany is right back where it started. philly international airport confirmed that last's american
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airlines flight to frankfurt had to return due to a possible mechanical issue. the plane is now being checked out. we talked to one passenger who was aboard the flight. >> we make it about three hours into the flight when we find out that the navigation system isn't working. we have to make a u-turn and fly back to philadelphia taking another three hours. basically, six hours on a plane to get nowhere. all of the flights are overbooked. we can't find anything for a couple days and it's a big headache. >> airport officials say many of the passengers will be taking flights to frankfurt today. get me the canine units and state police if you can. we have a female and male running through the fields, through the cornfields. >> those words from police in the lehigh valley came after a man and woman fired shots at officers. the gunfire then led to an armed standoff that lasted for nine hours. it ended for the two suspects in an apparent murder/suicide. inside the attic of a house.
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the standoff in lehigh county happened yesterday near west saucon valley road and lime port pike. that's where investigators say the man and woman wanted for a parole violation in another county took on theplice. this video is exclusive to nbc 10. authorities tell us it's the suspect's car ditched in a subdivision under construction. police say they chased the suspects who fired at an officer. they then ducked into neighbor's houses looking for car keys. police closed roads, they evacuated neighbors. one of them tells us he knew something was wrong when he returned to his home. >> i walked up to my door and stuck the key in and i couldn't open it. and i look down and i saw a muddy footprint on the door. >> the pursuit ended at a house on lan, road. police only fired tear gas during the standoff. no officers, no neighbors injured. authorities have not released
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the names of the suspects. >> the seth williams corruption trial will resume tomorrow with the philadelphia police commissioner set to testify. the week of the district attorney's trial ended friday with williams praising his lawyers' efforts. williams is accused of taking bribes and gifts from a businessman who is now a key witness for the prosecution. the d.a. has pleaded not guilty to the charges. we have a quick heads-up for drivers. a busy intersection in north philadelphia is still closed because of septa's route 15 track renewal project where. it closed on friday night, it's been closed all weekend long. it's going to reopen this evening at 8:00. meanwhile, shuttle buses are detoured in the area. >> today, the art festival continues. last day for it. the event starts at 11:00 this morning and goes until 6:00 this evening. big event. artists from all over the country. in fact, 300 artists showcasing their work in tents all along
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main street. this is the festival's 28ing year. nine minutes past 9:00 on this sunday. it's considered one of the darkest scenes in philadelphia history. the move bombing. 11 people died including five children. next, how their lives are being remembered in the very place where they perished. also, honoring the ultimate sacrifice. delaware officials award a medal to a man who gave up his own life to save another. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone.
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it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now. this weekend, delaware is honoring a citizen who lost his life while saving his stepson. the state posthumously awarded a silver life saving medal to michael manly. manly swam out to help his stepson who got caught in a rip current off rehoboth beach in 2015.
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the teen made it back to shore, but manly was swept out to sea. >> a historical marker stands at the site of one of philadelphia's darkest days. yesterday, state officials dedicated a plaque observing the bombing of move headquarters near osage avenue in cobb's creek. in 1985, philadelphia police drop a makeshift bomb on the rooftop bunker of the black liberation group move following a day-long standoff. 11 people died including five children. hundreds of neighbors lost their homes in the fire that followed the explosion. ramona africa survived the bombing. yesterday, she said innocent lives paid the price. >> we are very clear on the fact that what happened may 13th of 1985 had nothing to do with osage residents. >> students at the jubilee school nominated the site for the historical marker after studying the incident for two
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years. coming up, dare to dream big. on this week's edition of wednesday's child, we meet zi mere. he wants to be an nfl star, but right now, he's dreaming of finding a forever family. plus this -- >> her neck is stuck. >> amusement park terror. a teenager gets stuck adangles high above. how visitors made sure she got to the ground safely.
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this summer, journey into the adirondacks where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure, you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at
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all right, starting with a live look in philadelphia here. this is a look over the schuylkill river. you can see inmuseum and a
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beautiful green shot. blue skies overhead with just scattered clouds. that's what we'll see a lot of today. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. clouds roll in and out, but overall, nice conditions for our sunday. mostly dry as well. although we're going to see spot clanlss of showers later in the day. ocean city, new jersey, completely clear view overhead. and the bright sunshine taking over the picture. you want the sunglasses, the sunscreen, light clothes, and maybe even an umbrella. for some spot shower potential, but you don't have to worry about staying indoor or cancelling plans. this is not even close to what would be considered a washout forecast. radar and satellite view, the nice wide view showing us not only in our area do we have scattered clouds, but stretching right through to pittsburgh, to cleveland, charleston and washington, no rain to track. we're on the dry of things this morning and that's where we mostly stay. in our hour by hour, i think
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this model gives a little too boom to the afternoon forecast, but i want to show you what it gives us here. with spotty showers passing through the afternoon hours, you see just a couple little orange cells that show up that indicates that because of some of the afternoon heating, we can't rule out a spot storm developing. for the most part, this will be a much more quiet forecast. much, much more quiet forecast than yesterday and a mostly dry forecast as well. otherwise, these spot showers start to break apart into the evening hours. we're looking at dry conditions as we go overnight this evening. forecast high temperatures, most of us around the low to mid 80s. 85 in center city and somerton. lansdale at 84 and allentown at 83. some of the spot showers i was talking about. easton at 83 as well with a mix of clouds and sun. in new jersey, low to mid 80 low 80s across much of the jersey shore. in delaware, wilmington and smyrna at 85, smyrna, and rehoboth beach a little cooler.
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82 degrees. now we're jump to monday to tuesday. this is when we'll see a better chance of rain. monday is mostly sunny out there, but you see some spot showers to the north around the evening hours. then we go into your tuesday. a clear commute, but tuesday afternoon that's when we may see some rain and pockets of heavier rain move through as well. that will be by tuesday late day and into the overnight hours. so, we're looking at the chance of rain tuesday, but otherwise, a pretty mild forecast. drier monday. dry wednesday into this. and even notice a dip in temperatures. only 78 for the high tuesday. but we will see the temperatures pick back up, 90 by thursday, and by friday, into the weekend a chance of thunderstorms across the forecast. >> should be pretty pleasant today if you're looking for something to do. a bucks county church will be hosting its second annual padre pio festival. the event will include a special mass and a procession through the surrounding neighborhood. the festival celebrates padre
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pio who is known as the patron saint of young people. tomorrow, a sand sculpture spectacular opens to the public. artists in the rotunda at the shops at liberty place are transforming piles of sand into philadelphia icons. this, by the way, is the 25th anniversary of the first sand sculpture spectacular. >> also tomorrow, wilmington will be naming a municipal swimming tool for former vice president joe biden. he'll be there at the ceremony. it's at winchester park. he was a life guard at the pool in his younger days. it will be known as the joseph r. biden aquatic center. >> he is a hard working teen who dreams of some day playing professional football he's also looking for a forever family to give him the love and support that he's been missing and that he needs. vie sikahema introduces us to
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zymere. >> it's crazy because like -- give your phone. let's get a couple selfies. >> his reaction upon walking onto the field at the link for the first time is understandable. >> that's awesome. >> heed football as he does, it's simply breath taking. >> this is crazy. >> nfl locker room. what it looks like. >> next, we go inside the eagles locker room, and he's blown away with the size. >> it's big. he also gets swag from the birds, just like the pros. >> what? >> tell me what your plans are and how you hope to become -- i know you want to be an nfl player. tell me how you plan to do it? >> working hard every day. on and off the field. academics. basically staying focused and staying on the track.
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>> tell me a little bit about why family is so important. >> family is important to me or to anybody because we all need a support system and somebody that's going to have you back through the hard times, i guess. you need somebody to rely on. >> what are some of the things you think you have missed out on because you haven't had that? >> basically like having a connection with somebody. like christmas or like holidays, mother's day, stuff like that. i mean, i didn't have anybody. >> look at you. zmere is just a sophomore and has the size, but he'll need to improve his grades to play football. it's within his grasp. he's taking an s.a.t. prep course twice a week. >> looking for a family who can step up and give him the independence that a 17-year-old
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needs but also give him that love and support that he hasn't really ever had. >> you're awesome. >> zymere is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make his dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to nbc and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. coming up, a night of fun suddenly turns to terror. >> her neck is stuck. >> a teenager dangles from an amusement park ride. we'll tell you how the scary scene ended. >> also, the clock is ticking toward the senate vote to replace obamacare but the numbers at this hour, this morning, are not adding up for enough support. coming up in the next half hour, we'll tell you about the latest lawmaker who plans to vote no.
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a cyberattack has forced the british parliament to turn off e-mail access for the members of the house of commons. hackers tried to access politicians' e-mail aeblths. that's comes a month after a ransom ware attack crippled part of britain's national health service. elsewhere in london, hundreds of residents may be out of their apartments for months. weeks. this weekend, they were forced to evacuate the buildings they live in after inspectors determined they were unsafe.
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the inspections happened in the wake of the deadly high rise fire last month. yesterday's inspection deciding all 34 apartments failed safety tests. a similar issue with building siding caused flames to spread very quickly through the greenfield tower back on june 14th. this fire claimed the lives of at least 79 peemd. new video this morning showing a very scary moment at a theme park in upstate new york. take a look. >> her neck is stuck. >> a cell phone camera was rolling as a teenage girl dangled from a gondola ride. a crowd gathered underneath to catch her. and they did. ooh. the teen was not seriously injured. the park says there doesn't appear to be any malfunction with the ride, but they have closed it until a thorough review is finished. >> here's a story about a colorado kitten who used up at least one of his nine lives.
9:27 am
matthew owns a cat named vegas. he thought he had run away, but last week while driving the work, he heard a meow from inside his van. he stopped and asked a police officer for help. they zeroed in on the dashboard. >> we unclipped that and pulled it down, and his paw fell out. >> he was up inside there. which is kind of back in here. >> i'm imagining he crawled up through the bottom into the engine compartment, worked his way through. >> i mean, i used to live in colorado after i moved out there from philly to start my career. it gets hot in the summertime. i can't believe that cat survived. lady luck was with vegas the kitten. he survived without a scratch. >> 9:27 right now on this sunday. yesterday's rain means a change for at leads competing in the triathlon in philadelphia. pamela osborne is live to tell us about it. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, the race
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is still going on, but there is a winner. he's a local guy, a penn state grad, and when we come back, i'll introduce you to him. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. right now, off limits. athletes hoping to hit the schuylkill river won't be wimming this weekend. you can thank mother nature for
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that. we'll explain. >> what better place to be stranded than home depot. >> speaking of mother nature, take a look at her fury. viewer video shows one of the two tornadoes that blew through new jersey. >> sign of the times, this section of broad street has a new name, honoring native scenes who hit it big on the music scene and never forgot their roots. >> motown philly back again. we'll talk about it coming up. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. just after 9:30 on this sunday. let's start with weekend weather. it's going to be a nice one. krystal klei fills us in in the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> yesterday afternoon, it ended up shaping up nicely after we got rid of all the storms. the storms really wreaked havoc across the area. today, a much different picture. scattered clouds, plenty of
9:32 am
sunshine, and no rain the area. let's talk about the two tornadoes that didn't touch down. outside of mercer county in monmouth county. both were confirmed as ef-0 tornadoes which is the lowest level but still causes damage. you can see the first report ux the deep red on radar, as we freeze the time at 7:21 yesterday. this touched down in a home depot parking lot. you just saw the video near route 9. estimated lect of the path was about a half mile. these weren't long lived but nevertheless, did see damage as a result. the second one, very close by, also in howell township. an ef-0 with winds estimated at 75 miles per hour. today looking much better. we're at 76 degrees in philadelphia and dover and 77 in wilmington. the afternoon, we'll talk forecast highs and let you know if you might see a little rain in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. what better place to be
9:33 am
stranded than home depot? >> these powerful winds in monmouth county are from a confirmed tornado. one of two twisters that hit howell township yesterday. a reporter from our nbc sister station in new york spoke to folks there who experienced the fury of the storm. >> what better place to be stranded than home depot. >> rick took this video at the home depot on route 9. he's standing outside in the heavy rain, but in a matter of seconds, watch what happens. >> this is a tornado, guys. we're going inside. >> to see the rain going zauntal and coming off the downspout and then the wind picked up and the doors opened. i have seen storms like that, but nothing like that tornado. >> it's right there. >> howell township police say heavy rains and winds caused cars with drivers inside into one another. ripped up billboards and tore up
9:34 am
storefronts. >> as you can see, the fence blew down and took the wall with it. there's also a two -inch-diametr branch stuck in the roof. >> surveil video shows the storm moving concrete tables out of the way. >> how heavy is this? >> 420 pounds just for the top. there were about seven or eight that toppled over. >> the storm also uprooted trees and left thousands without power the state. >> just like a tornado came through here. >> tornado right [ bleep ]. >> anything that wasn't tied down was blown away. including these clothing bins. >> whipped it up about 200 feet. another 200, 300 feet and cracked into a telephone pole. another one lifted up and crashed. >> take a look at this rain-soaked swollen schuylkill river. now, it's off limited to athletes competing in a weekend
9:35 am
triathlon in philadelphia. pamela osborne is live in fa fairmount park where race officials had to make other plans but they're getting around it. >> reporter: it's not over yet. i got to tell you, it's pretty cool. we have been talking all day about the olympic athletes participating in today's race, but jason west, a 24-year-old from quaker town beat out all the competition. >> take your marks. >> and that was at the start of the race there. it was a tdry tri this year. they started off running two miles, then they hit the bikes and finish things up with a four-mile run. west finished the entire 50k in 1:29:09. >> it was incredible. i really didn't know if i was going to catch him, and i caught him, and just went for it. and i started cramping everywhere, and i was like, just get to the finish line. just get there. just get there.
9:36 am
how special would it be to win? with mom and dad cheering me on. yeah, it was so special, i can't put it into words. you couldn't take the smile off my face when i came across there. >> and his mom and dad so excited to watch him compete. i mentioned he was faster than the olympians who participated today. when i come back at 10:00, hear a lit more about how he feels now that he knows he's won the race and that he beat out some of the best athletes in the world right here at home. reporting live now in fairmount park, pamela osborne. >> thanks for that. remember to keep the nbc 10 app with you all summer long. for any severe weather threats that may roll through. we'll be sending alerts 30 minutes before a storm reaches your location. now to new details on a car crash we have been following since about 5:00 this morning. philadelphia police say one person is dead. two cars collided in this crash the vine street expressway in center city. it happened in the eastbound
9:37 am
lanes near broad street, so heading into philadelphia. another person was injured. police and road crews have cleared the accident that happened in the last hour or so. the vine street expressway is now reopened. >> senate republicans looking to replace obamacare are coming up against a deadline for passing their own health care bill. senate leaders want to vote on the measure this week, but right now there isn't enough gop support to pass it. five republican senators oppose to bill. that's three more than the party can afford for passage. democratic senator bob casey of pennsylvania, no surprise, is an outspoken critic of the republican move to repeal and replace the affordable care act. yesterday, he focused on the health care issue in a town hall. >> the best word i came up with is obscene. that's what i believe this is. >> the crowd was a mix of democrats and republicans all concerned about what a new health care law would look like. >> americans, we need to come together and talk these things
9:38 am
out civilly and diplomatically. >> about 200 people showed up to this town hall. senator casey, by the way, is up for re-election next year. last night, the chairman of the republican party of pennsylvania responded to senator casey's town hall and some of the comments he made. the statement says in part, sadly, bob casey's march to left continues, as a senator whose state is facing sky-rocketing premium costs it's disappointing that bob casey continues to play political games instead of working across the aisle. >> a little earlier this morn, i spoke live with "meet the press" moderator chuck todd about the health care bill and its chances of getting enough republican votes to pass. >> walk us through the prauz in the week ahead. how is this going to play out? >> well, look, i think it's going to be less of a policy debate and more of a political debate. what do i mean by that? if you just looked at this on policy and looked at the complaints that the moderate republicans have and conservative republicans have, you can't write a bill that
9:39 am
would appease both sides and get you to 50. the only way mitch mcconnell is going to get this passed is by making a political argument and trying to persuade skeptical republican senators that the base of the republican party, they don't care about the details. they care about the results. and they want to see some form of an attempt at repeal and replace. >> chuck todd will be sitting down with senators bernie sanders and ron johnson to discuss the health care bill. that happens on "meet the press" at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. next, up, up, and away. down the shore. just ahead, new airborne technology tested to keep you safe if you have ever trouble calling 911 during an emergency. also, a permanent part of philly, why the city chose its south broad street block to honor the members of boys ii men.
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9:41 am
big honor for boys ii men, a section of broad street is now named for the group, denise
9:42 am
shows us, the singers were celebrated in front of their alma mater, their high school, the philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts. >> what we started was all started here. >> boys ii men returned to kappa, their high school, to be honored where their dreams of first making it began. >> today is the day where the notes are flipped and the romancers can be romanced. >> broad street between christian and carpenter streets is now boys ii men boulevard. >> they deserve to have the honor on the avenue of the arts broad street here in the city of philadelphia. >> i don't think any of us can truly feel the magnitude of having a block of south broad dedicated to you in front of this fantastic school. >> even with four grammy awards and 64 million albums sold, this tribute to their success means the most. >> beautiful thing about it is philly believed in us. every time we drive down the
9:43 am
street, our legacy is plastered on the street sign for the whole city to see throughout generations. >> one of their top singles is the end of the road, but in this case, it's just the beginning of boys ii men boulevard. >> this is where we're from, what we're about. we have taken philly everywhere with us and we'll continue to do that forever. >> on july 4th, the grammy-winning group will be honoring during the celebration of freedom ceremony at independence hall. part of the week-long wawa welcome america festivities we'll be bringing to you live right here on nbc 10. >> in an emergency, every second counts. that's especially true when you can't reach 911 on your cell phone. bad signal. coming up next, how first responders in our area are testing new technology from above to keep us safe.
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today may be the day to get in the pool, you haven't done it yet this summer, it's looking nice out there. krystal klei has details for us. very different picture from yesterday. >> absolutely. way better conditions than what we saw yesterday. that's going to be the case throughout the entire day. it should be a nice sunday for us. just some isolated spot chances of showers in the afternoon. even that looks like it will be spotty at best. i want to show you pictures outside. we're going to go all over the place. eastern pennsylvania, blue skies and spotty clouds over to frawley stadium. looks very nice as well. an away game for the blue rocks team. what we're looking at is blue skies and spotty clouds. we have gone from the lehigh valley to delaware. let's go to new jersey. same deal. blue skies, thin clouds in place. now we will look at philadelphia where we see just a light breeze out there right now. and overhead, bright skies to kick off our sunday morning. we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds through the rest of
9:47 am
today, even down to the jersey shore. temperatures at the jersey shore, 78 degrees in cape may courthouse. 79 in dennis township, and at atlantic city. summer's point, almost 80 degrees there. i think the highs we'll see today right up against the shore line will be close to low 80s. maybe higher once you get more inland, but overall, a nice shore forecast. hour by hour, looking at just the possibility of some spotty rain moving throughout the afternoon. so here we go as we get to the afternoon hours. you see, i just tracked through the entire p.m. hours until we get to the evening time. little spots of green picking up, and i think even this might be a bit too much. still, when you have heating, a little lingering moisture, there's a possibility, especially north and west of the corridor for showers. by 7:30, most spinning out and looking clear this evening. can't rule out with the afternoon hours one of those spot showers turning heavier in
9:48 am
nature briefly. it's not a washout by any means for anyone. you don't have to cancel any plans you may have for this afternoon. high temperatures down by the shoreline, a nice day to be down there. mix of clouds and sun leaning towards the sunshine. 82 degrees for rehoboth beach. 83 in avalon and 82 in beach haven. 58 to 68 for the water temperature. wave heights about three to four feet, and rip current risk is low today, which is good news when you hear that. three-day outlook across all of our neighborhoods. we're going to be on a downward trend with our temperatures for the next several days. today in philadelphia, 85 is the forecast high. we're mostly sunny on monday, 81 degrees, and down to 78 on tuesday, which is considerably below average. we will see some showers late day into the evening. in the suburbs, 84. same deal, down to 70 through tuesday. in the lehigh valley, 78 tomorrow and 75 by tuesday with rain passing by.
9:49 am
new jersey at 85 today. the shore at 83. and delaware at 86 degrees. tomorrow, right near 80 and mostly sunshine. tuesday, across the board, into the 70s. >> talk about a late night in arizona. the phillies got some pop from pitcher ben lively, but it came from the plate, not the mound. at 25, lively became the youngest phils pitcher to homer in a game in more than 20 years, but the diamondbacks, they had some power of their own. take a look. yeah. jake lamb. the d-backs went on to beat the phils 9-2. same teams back at it in phoenix this afternoon. now here's the rest of your sunday morning sports. hey, hey, good morning to you. danny pommells from csn. flyers general manager had a busy day yesterday, making two
9:50 am
trides involving draft picks. one to move up in the second round, and with the 35th overall selection, they picked isaac ratcliffe, a big guy. 6'4". had 28 goals in junior hockey and played for canada in the world under-18 tournament. the flyers gave up a second, third, and fourth rounder to get ratcliffe. you can read up on all the picks at csnphilly dom. they have acquired quite a few prospects and with the trade of brayden schenn, one might wonder if the flyers are in a rebuilding mode. the general manager was asked that question. >> no. are we getting younger? yeah, we're getting younger. rebuild? absolutely not. unlike what people think about our philosophy, we do not want to hold players back. when they're ready to take the next step, we want to allow them to take the next step. so in saying that, we feel like we got some young players that are not ready, they're close. >> perhaps other than the fans.
9:51 am
perhaps no one has suffered as much during the process, quote/unquote, as sixers head coach brett brown. in four seasons he's 175 of 328 games, less than 25%, but now he's seeing his patience pay off. >> you go back to where you started. you're reminded of why you took the job in the first place. it was very much felt this was going to be a rebuild. probably went a few years longer than we all had anticipated with the unfortunate injuries to our draft picks. and to feel like we have navigated through the storm and we now have a chance to coach people that really have a chance to be here for a long time, an elite young talent, makes it a good morning to wake up to. >> how about the union and d.c. united getting it on? 31st minute, union on the attack. a nice pass to the box where the left foot does the honors as the
9:52 am
volley finds the back of the net. extra time, second half, still a 1-0 game. andre blake in between the pipes. what a save there to keep united off the board. union snap a three-game skid, 1-0. >> soul at cleveland. fourth quarter action. airing it out. he reels it in. the third touchdown of the game. soul improve to 10-0, 59-28, the final. >> that's your look at sports this morning. i'm danny pommells from csn. in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime.
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today, paying pennsylvania's bills, and managing its money. pennsylvania's treasurer joins us to discuss new programs designed to save you money. that, plus the death of american student otto warmbier. he came home in a coma after
9:55 am
being jailed in north korea. why local experts say his death likely won't change american policy. plus, we talked to a young wife fighting to keep her husband from being deported. learn why she believes he deserves to stay here in the u.s. >> married to a united states citizen and we were already in the process of adjusting his stating and working through the motions we needed to do to legalize him. >> it's all on nbc 10 at issue. it comes your way at 11:30 right here on nbc 10. >> keeping new jersey first responders connected in case of emergency. jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenbergs us about it. shows us how new technology is giving them a life line in places where they don't have one. >> dell plains state forest, a place to get close to nature, but if you need to use your phone, you could be out of luck. >> we first came to this area, there was no cell phone coverage
9:56 am
at all. >> this new jersey first responders suddenly got a signal. after a drone with verizon 4g lte equipment onboard was sent soaring. >> it's a flying cell tower. >> i have just about every bar of signal strength. >> this emergency response simulation giving members of numerous agenciies a chance to test out new technology. the aim, to keep first responders connected if coninvestigational towers are knocked out by a major storm like hurricane sandy. >> we're actually putting the tools in the hands of first responders for the very first time. to our knowledge, it's never been done before. >> what this basically says is you don't have to wait for a crew to come in and run a new line. >> although a cell flight would be sent to an area where first responders need help, others could potentially take advantage of that signal. >> the general public in close proximity to the operating
9:57 am
bubble would access it as well. >> it's going to beerary helpful to us. >> the unmanned aircraft can fly for up to 16 hours at a time, constantly providing a communications lifeline when it's desperately needed. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> today is the finale of the tenth annual too many games expo. the event veatchers the latest in video games, board games, and arcade games. there will be live music and gaming tournaments. the doors open at 10:00. we continue in a moment with another half hour of news. good morning, pamela osborne. >> good morning, rosemary. the race is winding down. and the winners have already crossed the finish line. when we come back, we'll introduce you to the winner of the men's portion. he's a locing guile. that's when we come back.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
right now on nbc 10 news today, flight to nowhere, passengers end up back at philly international after an overseas to turn around. we have details on what happened. >> raw power ripped threw nujersey. two tornadoes hit monmouth county this weekend. we'll show you the video from the height of the storm. forced out of the water. that's right. yesterday's wet weather brought rain swollen schuylkill river to high fast moving waters. that means an annual triathlon in fairmount park had to take a bit of a detour. we'll explain. >> good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with


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